The design of the urban park on the island of Sacca San Mattia, situated in the Venetian lagoon, is divided into four areas; a square, a pavilion area, a salt water pond with red algae and a plantation of pine trees.

The lagoon is represented by a land art installation, whereinformation from lagoon prototype sensors is being displayed on a screen wall. Steel rods are distributed across the lagoon in a 500m square grid. A sensor is attached to each, which registers movement within a defined radius and transmits images and information to the base at the island of Sacca San Mattia.

Projected onto a 5m high screen wall, this data becomes an abstract representation of the lagoon, with which visitors may interact. Lagoon activity is visualised on the wall in a changing reality of pixels that map the movement of unseen waters. The currents, cycles, processes and activities interweave - the presence of the lagoon can be felt.








2G Competition - Venice Lagoon Park, Italy

competition 2nd prize, 2008

project title: [500m apart]

design team: Johanna Irander, Nicolo Riva, Nicole Carstensen, Samuel Austin, Nuno Gonçalves Fontarra

client: 2G Magazine