The archipelago provides a recreational area that can be used for sport activities, such as skating, walking, biking, birdwatching etc. The main island has different character zones - an open field, pine tree grove, a dune landscape and a limestone gravel beach.

[ dune landscape ]
Artificial dunes shaped by limestone substrate and covered by a layer of sand. The dunes are planted with dune grass for stabilisation of the sand. Concrete paths are shaped in between the dunes to follow the dune sides, making it a flowing, undulating path structure, that in addition to walking and biking can be used for sports like skating and BMX.

[ pine tree grove ]
The limestone base is covered with a layer of top soil, and planted with pine trees and shrubs as Juniperus and Sambucus, that can sustain the coastal conditions of strong saline winds

[ field ]
The limestone substrate provides conditions for a specialised flora to develop naturally over time, with flower species like Thymus and Echium vulgare. The open field can be used for recreation and is accessible through a network of paths. The field is additionally a landing site for migrating birds in spring and autumn.






North Harbour Masterplan, Copenhagen, Denmark

competition 2nd phase, 2009

Archipelago, design project in collaboration with Dahl&Uhre + 70ÂșN

design: Johanna Irander

client: By & Havn, Copenhagen