The North Harbour is an industrial harbour close to the centre of Copenhagen, located on an peninsula in the Oresund strait. The masterplan proposal for the area is based on the use of the open space and to suit the climatic conditions of the exposed harbour environment. The quays function as the main public open space, where the roughness of the harbour character is retained. New design interventions in the quay side spaces will focus on the function of the space as a place for public activity.

The focus for the development process of the area is to establish links to surrounding areas. The growth of the area is dependent on the accessibility of the area, and, therefore, the plan reconfigures the transportation network connected to the area. The spatial concept is based on point development and the re-configuration of old harbour structures in order to maintain the industrial harbour character of the place, where the old harbour structures, re-used for new programs, stand as icons of the industrial past.

The existing structures are re-used for new residential, retail, or institutional programs. Through the concept of re-use of existing structures and their adaptation for new functions, the open space can reflect the history of the past. The urban landscape will be used to regenerate the identity of the area, as it transforms from industrial harbour to urban area.





North Harbour Masterplan, Copenhagen, Denmark

competition 2nd prize, 2009

design team: Johanna Irander, Samuel Austin, Manu van Lin

client: By & Havn, Copenhagen