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The Dissonance of the Flow

Research project on the governance of transboundary rivers and watersheds

// 29.11.2021




Study on ancient technology for water storage

// 16.06.2021




4th prize award

Awarded entry in the competition for the Korean War Memorial Park for Civil Victims, South Korea

// 18.12.2020




Salton Sea

Research project investigating the Salton Sea in California, USA

// 22.10.2019




Urban hydrological planning

Research project for an urban reconfiguration plan for the Los Angeles region based on hydrological infrastructure

// 09.05.2019




Taylor Yard, L.A.

Working on a design concept for Taylor Yard Park in Elysian Valley, Los Angeles. The project is part of a research project on urban hydrology in the Los Angeles region.

// 01.03.2018





Setting up Studio Irander in Los Angeles. More information to follow.

// 06.08.2017



Book of Copies

Opening of the exhibition Book of Copies on March 2nd at 6.30pm, The Project Room, EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Debate with Emmanuel Christ and Elias Redstone, moderated by Kersten Geers

// 02.02.2015




Book of Copies

The Book of Copies by San Rocco Magazine will be available in February www.sanrocco.info/book-of-copies

// 24.01.2015



Arid territories

starting a research project on urban metropolitan areas and hydrological infrastructures in arid regions

// 11.07.2014



Φ [phi]

participating in the exhibition San Rocco - Book of Copies, Oct 5 - Nov 2, AA Gallery, Architectural Association, London

// 16.09.2013



launch new website

// 01.09.2013